How to Use Signage To Encourage Impulse Buys

January 4, 2019By

price tags for retailImpulse buys: the cornerstone of good advertising and product placement in stores! A collaborated study by Leo J. Shapiro and Associates and Marketing Support, Inc. reported that about a third of all consumers make a pretty big impulse buy at least once a week. So how can you encourage customers in your store to give in to tempting impulses? Use your price tags and signage very wisely. Here are some suggestions for turning price tags for retail and grocery store price tags into impulse-buy assets.

Choose Colors Wisely

Sale sign colors should be consistent with your desired branding control, but also they should “pop” a bit to call attention. Semi-frequent visitors to your store should know exactly what color denotes a sale item. Make it iconic.

Short, Sweet Buzz Words

Price tags for retail are small. Use your word space carefully. Last minute promotions and “Today Only!” labels are the retailer’s friend. Urgency is a great push for impulse buys.

Big Strategic Numbers

When designing signage for an item, emphasize the rounded dollar, not the cents. For example, an item labeled $3.99 has slightly more draw from across the room when presented with a large ‘3’ and a noticeable but not in-your-face ‘.99’. Even if it’s only nickel and diming, it psychologically feels better to be spending $3.00 than $3.99. For sale-marked items, emphasize the price off or deal more than the sale price. A sign reading 50% is much more encouraging than the sales price simply reading $12.95.

Understate Signage With Small Register-Side Impulse Buy Items

What do candy in grocery stores, lip gloss in clothing stores, and tiny stuffed animals in craft stores all have in common? They’re small, generally next to the cash register, and have understated signage. You can be subtle with these impulse buy placements. The tiny, vanity-appealing products near the register are supposed to practically sell themselves. Plus, customers are already looking at them as they stand in line and check out. No need for signs that stretch marketing budgets unnecessarily.

Remember, new best signage practices and techniques to strengthen your brand are coming out all the time after new research and marketing theory is released. Keep changing signage to reflect your brand but also reflect the trends of the times.

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