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In retail, things change in an instant, and changing signage to maximize impact is vitally important. Timely, relevant and compelling messaging moves your customers to make a purchase.

Our proprietary retail signage software solution, SignShare, was built for the unanticipated; ensuring that all your locations regardless of size, local display requirements or in-store marketing autonomy can optimize in-store marketing efficacy, all while controlling labor costs and complying with HQ guidelines.

  • Display-relevant signage is fast and easy
  • Last minute promotions are a snap
  • Rapid response to competitive situations
  • Highly effective shopper marketing

The Marketing Challenge:

How do you ensure that every store has the right signs with the right size, quantity, and content? How do you control messaging, branding across your enterprise and last minute promotions and do it all quickly and cost-effectively?


The SignShare™ Solution:

Partner with us; for a fully customize and web-enabled program designed to accommodate your promotional and operational infrastructure. With our SaaS SignShare solution, you’ll be able focus on what’s most important–increasing basket size– while we manage the thousand details needed to get the right sign on the right item, at the right time.

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Use the right software for sign making and build a powerful program with Pangea’s  SignShare™.