Are You Making Your Shelf Tags Work For You?

March 27, 2019By

shelf tagsWhile you might not always think of your shelf tags as a way to market your products, shelf tags can be incredibly helpful in getting you those extra sales you need to see an increase in profits. Shelf-edge promotional strategy can be used to ensure you’re making the most of your marketing by helping you control messaging and directly impacting what your customers see. Are you making the most of your shelf tags to increase your sales, or are your tags falling short? Here are a few simple ways to know for sure.

Provide Thorough Information

In order to make the most of your shelf labels, you’ll want to display as much information as possible without overcrowding the tag. Be sure any important information is easily legible; if your customer can’t quickly figure out how much an item costs, they’re less likely to purchase it. Additionally, make sure your tags are current. While this might seem fairly obvious, it’s easy to forget to switch over old tags sometimes if you’re not careful, and this can cause issues for customers that will discourage them from buying.

Encourage Impulse Buys

According to a recent study, about one-third of all consumers make a sizeable impulse buy every week. You can use your price tags and shelf labels to capitalize on this tendency and encourage your consumers to make more impulse buys. For example, be sure to use shelf labels to display bulk savings that your customers can take advantage of. This will encourage them to buy more than they initially came to your store for. This works especially well for grocery store shelf labels, where customers are more likely to buy items in bulk.

Display Discounts

Whenever your store is having a sale, make sure your shelf labels reflect this. Changing signage to reflect ongoing sales might seem small, but the possibility of saving money can push consumers to make an extra impulse purchase that they might not otherwise make. Be sure to emphasize savings in order to make the most of your shelf labels this way.

Shelf labels, while small, can be a huge part of increasing your sales in your store. Shelf-edge promotional strategy is an incredibly useful marketing tool that stores everywhere can take advantage of to increase profits overall.

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