Shelf-Edge Philosophy: Is Your Store Using It?

January 4, 2019By

shelf-edge promotional strategyShelf tags for grocery stores used to be limited to simple yellow or white stickers informing consumers of the products’ price. Brigham Young University concluded in marketing study that retail merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%, and they’re just one of several recent studies with similar findings. When in-store marketing studies have shown that much of a customers’ purchasing decisions are being made right in front of that shelf as they study a product, retailers should up their shelf-edge promotional strategy.

The grocery business in particular is predicted to feel the pressure of e-commerce soon as a growing number of Americans are grocery shopping online. Shelf-edge promotional strategy strengthens your brand as well as the brands you stock. Custom price tags adds clarity, character, and spurs on that purchase impulse.

Digital screens are also becoming an option for advanced shelf-edge promo capability, giving customers as thorough an experience as they’re comfortable with during online shopping. Customer reviews of products can easily be displayed on screens.

Reviews are viable on paper labels as well. Note how some grocery stores and retail stores, from big box to local, are incorporating personalized touches and comments from employees to instill a sense of trust and familiarity. A featured product may be more appealing to a customer if it is marketed as a favorite of specific employees rather than as a targeted featured item.

Let’s not forget that paper labeling as opposed to digital is much more marketing budget-friendly. Investing in retail signage software is fairly key to a productive shelf-edge promotional strategy that lets retailers retain control over their marketing and a maintain a more consistent budget. Having that software at the ready means that your store can adapt quickly to labeling trends and changes in merchandise and still keep eye-catching shelf-edge signage. No more scrambling to come up with ad solutions for last minute promotions!

More than anything, tailor your signage to the experience your customers are seeking. Start with a strong evidence-based knowledge of what your customers want from your store. Conduct a few small studies, surveys, etc. They don’t need to be extensive or invasive, they just need to give you a better idea of how you can tailor your store to your consumer base’s needs and wants. Once you have that input, a re-signage plan, and the right software to update and change signage as needed, your shelf-edge promo strategy is ready to look for positive results.

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