Is Your Grocery Store Signage Helping Your Sales?

January 4, 2019By

grocery store signageWhen it comes to advertisement, a few mediums likely come to mind: television, radio, internet, and more. But one type of marketing, signage, usually gets overlooked, yet it can be incredibly effective. If used properly, grocery store signage can encourage impulse buying and drive up sales to help your business thrive. Here are a few tips to make your grocery store signage work for you and increase your overall profits.

  • Use shelf tags: Shelf tags for grocery stores can be incredibly useful when attempting to increase your overall sales. Make sure you emphasize any ongoing discounts; this will encourage shoppers to buy more than they may have initially planned, resulting in more profits for you. Last minute promotions are always an excellent way to increase sales, and shelf tags guarantee that even if consumers miss other signage, they still see the promotions you have going on right now.
  • Change signs regularly: Don’t let your signs stay up so long that they become outdated. Changing signage regularly helps inform shoppers of new sales and promotions, and a customer that thinks they’re getting a deal on a product is far more likely to buy more.
  • Make signs eye-catching: Signs need to do more than just convey information; signs can be used to strengthen your brand and catch the attention of passersby. 68% of American consumers have made a purchase because a sign caught their interest. Make sure your signs are visually appealing in order to capitalize the most on your signage.
  • Location, location, location: Where you put your signage and labeling can make all the difference. Make use of shelf-edge promotional strategy when picking out your signage placement to guarantee your customers notice your signs. Additionally, be sure to place any larger signage in locations where customers are sure to see it: on the ends of shelves, in larger, open areas, and so on.

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