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As retailer budgets tighten and the number of consumer grocery trips falls, it’s more important than ever to showcase effective in-store marketing while your customers and in-store and captive.

Do you believe in the power of retail merchandising solutions? You should.

It’s just a matter of engaging them and inspiring a purchase-through powerful promotional communication.

MarketShare Overview

Make an impact at the shelf edge at the moment of decision and increase sales with our in-store marketing solutions. Retail merchandising is easier than you think. This is your chance to highlight a product or offer with a vibrant, full-color price integrated tag or sign.

Create effective point-of -sale can be challenging as you navigate long lead-times, budgets, and other company restraints in order to support specific promotions. Not so with us! Through a customized, cloud-based solution, we make price integrated in-store marketing fast and simple. With Marketshare™ you can:

  • Benefit from execution that can help increase sales
  • Easily cross-merchandise at shelf or display
  • Face off again the competition in real-time
  • Focus on your core while a specialist handles the execution details

Learn more about how our software, workflow and approach can help produce sales lift at display.

Our software, workflow and approach can help produce sales lift at the shelf-edge.

Streamline and optimize the entire process of managing your shelf-edge marketing and display signs for the enterprise.

Learn more about Pangea’s MarketShare Solutions.