These Store Features Don’t Need Any Extra Frills To Make Sales

January 4, 2019By

grocery store price tagsAs a general rule, stores selling products or food need to aggressively advertise. However, there is some retail and grocery signage you don’t have to go overboard on. In some cases the golden rule is “simple and sleek”. Here’s where you can keep the design and information on tags minimalist for max customer appeal.

Grocery Store Price Tags

Two things take priority in grocery stores: the product’s packaging, and shelf-edge promotional strategy. If the product’s packaging has been designed well by the manufacturer, it will tell the consumer just about everything they need to know. If your in-store marketing is strong, the customer will be drawn to the product in the first place. Once they’re hooked, simple grocery store price tags with no frills is usually sufficient. Price tags are frequently replaced in grocery and retail, so using simple printable tags can keep marketing budgets down.

Last-Minute Promotions

Advertising a good last-minute sale? Stick to a bright color, prominent placement, and a short but attractive message. The punchier the promotion’s sign, the more likely you are to reel in impulse buys. Considering between six and 10 store purchases can be considered impulse buys, your strategy with promotional signage can totally change the tide of your business. There are only two important pieces of info: what the product is that is under the promotion, and what the actual deal is. The deal itself should be in bigger print than the product. More shoppers are attracted to the prospect of a deal than the product itself.

Signs for Already-Popular Merchandise

Have some products that sell way better than others? Focus your simple signage on the popular products that need minimal help. Get more creative with products that are having a difficult time getting off the shelves. Several reputable studies have found that merchandise with a sign can outsell merchandise without a sign by around 20%. In essence, a product that’s not selling could be a retail bust… or it could just need a push from good old fashioned advertising and branding control.

These are the three key places you can hold back on the fanciest iterations of retail signage. Of course, your needs will change depending on your store, products, and clientele. Still, these tips are more or less universal.

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